Super Trades trading room advice and I invite you to message me

Hi all,

I had another SUPER week trading with Super_trades.

I just wanted to extend an invitation to any new traders who read this and have signed up to learn from Superman on profitly.

The style of swing trading is amazing once you get the hang of it – I have been a member for 18 months now (profitable almost every month) and I am more than happy to help people who are new to the system.  I do see a few newbies who come and go because they go into plays with too large positions or chase or both! They key is patience and discipline and building up the trading mental prowess!!

Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions about this trading experience which has altered my financial situation greatly! I can also help you in the chatroom too if you are having difficulties following the alerts or understanding the strategy.


Maleah and Russell



  1. I don’t see any information for someone to contact you. Are you on twitter or any other social media network? I didn’t even see your email to email you. I am interested…

    1. Hi thanks for your message!

      You are right – I should put some contact information on here! Please email me at with any questions etc or just post them on here!!

      Hope you had a great weekend and are as excited as me for the market opening tomorrow!


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