**REVIEW** TIMFundamentals Part Deux by Timothy Sykes

Many people who visit my website ask me if Timothy Sykes is a fraud or if his stock picking service on Profitly.com is a scam. They have asked me if they should sign up for his penny stock alerts or if Super Alerts (see my review of this service HERE)  would be a better choice for their trading style.

In order to try and answer these questions for my readers, I have joined Timothy Sykes alerts service, purchased and watched almost all of his stock trading informational DVDs (worth over $2,500!). By writing honest reviews on these products I hope to learn a lot about how Timothy Sykes trades so successfully. I would also like to provide people with genuine and honest information about him and his products.

Review of his best selling most valuable DVD: TimFundamentals Part Deux.

DVD presentation and style

Perhaps my biggest shock when I began to watch this DVD was that Timothy Sykes is a very amusing speaker! He has a relaxed, confident style and his frank no BS approach makes for a very entertaining DVD.

TimFundamentals Part Deux is a recording of a multi-day conference boot camp which he taught to only a few select traders. It is over 12 hours long and teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about his short and long trading strategy. The quality of the recording is average and the audio could be better – but nobody buys this product for the cinematography. Quality content is what we are all after and that it provides en masse!

Although 12 hours of stock trading tuition sounds like hard work, Sykes makes it a breeze and draws you in with hilarious lines like “I trade like a castrated choir boy!”


His hilarious relaxed style is very frank and genuine. For example he makes no apology for his blatant advertising and plugging: “ I turned $12K into 2 million like ten years ago but I’m going to keep talking about it because it gives me credibility!”.  He constantly pokes fun at stock promoters throughout the presentation which makes it very hard to believe that he could ever be involved in any of the schemes that the promoters participate in.


The content is aimed at the beginner to intermediate trader. He covers a lot of the basics of trading, however you wouldn’t want this to be your very first introduction to stock trading. He doesn’t explain a lot of the lingo but a quick google search would solve that issue! Here is a list of what you will learn from this product:

1)    Tips on how to actually replicate his strategy if you subscribe to his stock picking service. He explains that he has seen patterns  to people cancelling their subscriptions.  He points out it is usually silly reasons like when he mentions that the “market is slow today”! The successful subscribers have the desire to learn the strategy and work hard. This DVD would certainly benefit those people who quit after one month!

2)  He discusses tips on how to use his broker to short shares. He goes into a lot of detail about how to get or reserve shares for optimal results with his strategy.

3)   He discusses the exact stocks that he likes to buy and why. Very simple and insightful explanations.

4)  Tim provides fascinating, educational insight into stock promotion and stories about infamous stock promoters. Sykes explains tricks that they use and how to read PR’s and promotional materials. He explains how they often admit what they are going to do in disclaimers!!! This alone is a potential gold mine and makes trading these stocks very consistently profitable.

–         Clever techniques using stock splits to wipe out short sellers.

–         Good money management and discipline tips for novices and experienced traders alike.

–         Gap downs, morning panics and how traders think is fully explained. He makes it sound sooo simple!!!

–         Full discussion of his bread and butter pump and dump patterns.

–         Explains press releases, what to look for and gives real examples.

5)      Last but not least is that he shows you in complete detail how he builds his watch lists!! This is PURE GOLD!!!

Tim Sykes discusses in detail how he does his stock scans using simple techniques! He builds a real stock watch list in real time using several free websites that everyone can access. Pretty amazing! He primarily looks for stocks in the $1 – $10 range.

–         Amazingly detailed information about tools and websites to help you, complete with warnings about which sites are actually run by promoters etc.

He shows tons of real charts from the last ten years and explains the story and thoughts behind each one.  This reminds me of the style made famous by stock trading books like this one. It is a good way to build beginners confidence and learn from his extensive experience.

This is a standalone course. The original TIMfundamentals course is NOT required to understand this material and everything you need to learn is included in TIMfundamentals Part Deux.  Tim even does some live trading which helps convince me of his authenticity.

I learned alot from this DVD even though I have been successfully trading for a couple of years. I prefer to play long swings but as the market remains choppy, Tims shorting strategy could well be my main bread winner in the near future! I have watched a lot of Tim Sykes DVDs but TIMfundamentals Part Deux has been my favourite by far! It is very insightful and a complete education into how he has become so successful. I HIGHLY encourage interested novices to check it out HERE.

Please feel free to message me if you would like to know more about my experience with this product or if I have failed to address something in this article.

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