Is India the new China for stocks in 2014 ?

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Today was an amazing day in the market! An article a few days ago has caused some small cap Indian stocks to breakout to the upside!! India is the worlds 3rd largest economy and it could be ready for an economic boom, according to the article.

What might be causing this massive optimism in India and its financial market? Narendra Modi has just been elected as the Prime Minister of India. Comparisons are being made to Ronald Reagan who in 1980 was elected as president and kicked of one of the greatest economic expansions in U.S. history. Many investors are betting on the new regime driving the economy forward in dramatic ways.

I played this new Indian angle over the last couple of days and bought a small position in $REDF a small cap company. Check out the HUGE move up that it made today shown in the chart below!! I sold all my shares at $2.78 from $2.21 yesterday! Additionally many other Indian small cap companies are making huge moves up in this dicey market, although I have yet to play any of them.

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