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I have put together a few quotes from two notable professional stock traders (Nathan Michaud and Super_Trades) on for your enjoyment. If you would like to follow me on Twitter my profile can be found at Although I am very new to twitter, I have found it to be a fantastic place to learn from other traders and to follow peoples opinions on different stocks.

“Difference this week? I didn’t force, I WAITED for the trade and didn’t FORCE — if you FORCE you get bagged” – Nathan Michaud @investorslive

“ NEVER STOP LEARNING ur no better than anyone else – that’s it for my 6 month rant I wish you all the best of success to close out the year” – Nathan Michaud @investorslive

“Not every trade will work but it’s what you do with the ones that don’t work that counts” – Nathan Michaud @investorslive

“This market def not one to be patient with if on wrong side, amazing to say the least … but allowing yourself to be wrong keeps you safe” – Nathan Michaud @investorslive

“Whats my target?? Better question is WHAT IS YOUR TARGET ????? Learn a strategy” – Super_trades @ Super_Trades

“You people that are asking advice on twitter when to buy and sell a stock should NOT be trading with real money !!! Invest in education !” – Super_trades @ Super_Trades

“I was up at 2am VEGAS time researching stocks……..did not go out work comes first and there are so many opportunities out there !!!” – Super_trades @ Super_Trades

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  1. These are quite awesome, witty, yet inspiring one-liners. I’m not big on stock trading but the quotes which you have presented here are as inspiring in the stock trading industry as it is for bloggers, content writers, and online freelancers. My personal favorite is ‘never stop learning because you’re no better than anyone else’. It’s biting, realistic, and it applies to everyone of us in general. Thank you.

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