HURCules! Paul Scholardi demonstrates again why he is a multimillionaire!

This week has seen me realize the biggest gain of my stock trading career! As usual it is all thanks to an alert from Paul Scholardi aka super_trades who is the only person I know who can make calls like these!!

I still hold a partial position in this stock….$HURC and check out my buy at $28 and sell just a few days later at $37 ish for nearly a $10 per share gain!!! This is just a ridiculous trade!! Every few months Paul Scholardi will call a trade like this that just absolutely hits it out the park! Join him HERE and learn how to make trades like this!!! Check out the chart from today below.


This was a fantastic trade following SuperTrades rules and strategy! Checkout my review of his service HERE

SuperTrades started out working his full time corporate job and just stock trading on the side. However, over the course of several years he developed and refined a set of rules and a strategy that now makes him more money trading stocks part time in ONE MONTH than he made in an entire year at his corporate job (he worked as a CFO and it was a very well paid job). $HURC is one of the trades where he made many hundreds of thousand of dollars in just one trade.

In late 2012 Super Trades decided to join and finally start a subscription service. Timothy Sykes had been asking him for years to do this! SuperTrades declined for along time, but Tim can be very persistant! Super_Trades wanted to wait until he was ready to make the BEST stock trading chatroom possible.  I joined his trading service in  2013 and I have not looked back since then, with so many profitable stock trades. I work full time and just trades stocks like the $HURC trade discussed here on a part time basis for huge profits.

There are some rules in his chatroom which turn people off – SuperTrades strictly enforces these rules and will not hesitate to ban people who repeatedly violate the rules. This leads to a great professional chatroom atmosphere which nurtures learning and productivity!


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