Upcoming articles and news

I have many exciting articles in the pipeline! First up, I was recently interviewed for a brand new weekly podcast show that is aimed at new traders and the hope is that I told my success story in the world of stock trading in a semi-coherent and helpful manner….we shall see! I will be linking you all to the recording when it is published in a few weeks!

Other news: I just bought a brand new build investment property so I will probably be branching out on this blog to include other forms of investing (real estate). Also, i have started 2 online businesses that are doing fantastically well so I will probably be writing a few articles about those, along with my experience in the technology sector where I am pursuing a real world business as well!

So all systems are go right now but I pledge to keep this blog updated with my latest thoughts on stock trading and my other business ventures! One last thing….recently I developed a ‘money making machine’ !!! I know, I know that sounds unbelievable right? Amazingly, it is true and I will be writing an article on it for this blog once my initial test period ends in the next couple of weeks! All you need is a toy dinosaur ($20), a smart phone and some basic electronic know how! Full tutorial and article to follow!



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