REAL SuperTrades subscribers who are making HUGE money online stock trading!

I just wanted to give a shout out to these high achievers in SuperTrades chatroom! Click on their names to see their full verified profit/loss charts (verified on profitly). These guys are all super traders!

1) TriforceTrader: $610,000 profit!

(Check out my recent interview with Triforcetrader HERE)

2) DrMatt30: $293,000 profit!

3) GETNHUGE: $119,000 profit!

The success that these guys have speaks for itself. These are all REAL traders that I see every day in SuperTrades chatroom and who all have that strong drive to succeed and make money online stock trading!

SuperTrades is definitely one of the best stock traders (a real SUPER trader) out there – I learned to swing trade smallcap, low float stocks by subscribing to his SuperPro alerts over a year ago and have not looked back since! His amazing stock picks continue to surprise me every week. I have had great success with his strategy but nothing compared to the guys mentioned above. During my better trading periods I easily make a full time income implementing his strategy (I have a relatively small trading account). Learning and implementing his strategy has enabled me to buy my first large investment property from the profits obtained by taking a disciplined approach to his strategy.

His strategy is stress free (if you follow his rules!) and is easy to implement part time if you happen to have one of those pesky day jobs. However, most new subscribers have to learn that patience is key and that it will usually take a few weeks to get the hang of how the real top traders make money in the markets.

Check out the full review I did on him last year HERE. The review was written last year and although 2014 has been a very volatile market, Supermans amazing strategy has worked EVEN MORE EFFECTIVELY than in 2013!! Even recently when the DJI was dropping hundreds of points in a day – he still managed to find the only stocks that tripled in value in a day or two!

What I find most astonishing is that not only is he a fantastic trader, he also is able to teach others effectively as well! A lot of online stock trading ‘gurus’ don’t really teach their strategy – and why should they? Afterall these gurus want you to continue to pay them for their hot stock picks. SuperTrades is very obviously passionate about making sure you become self sufficient and do not just copy his educational buy alerts. He has also verified almost $3million in the last year in profits!! If THIS doesn’t inspire you to start stock trading and become financially free then nothing will!

Start TODAY don’t wait until ‘someday’ to take action – change your life NOW! Check out Supermans landing page on profitly (the page is no hype and all business! Why? Because he is SO good he doesn’t need hype to sell his services).


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