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Russell: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life outside of stock trading?

Triforcetrader: My name is Matthew Owens, I’m 24 years old. I’m a full time Stock Trader, Tutor, Gym Trainer, and Video Production Maker/Editor. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a double bachelors. One in Psychology and one in German. Currently I’m in my Master Program for Forensic Psychology at the University of North Dakota. Outside of that life, I like skate, snowboard, play video games, surf and just relax.

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Russell: How did you get started on your stock trading journey and how long have you been trading for?

Triforcetrader:  I have been stock trading for a little over a year now. I first started learning about the stock market when I was in middle school. We had a stock market component, in our world history class. Looking back, it does not make sense why that existed in our class, but I remember just being fascinated with how the stock market worked, and how you could profit from it. The incentive in that class was to win with the biggest percentage at the end of the year, as to, not have to take the final exam. I threw all my money into Apple and won. The reason for this was more fundamental, but there just seemed to be no other plays that year. After that, I just sat for the last ten years and watched the stock market change over time. Then, as I graduated college, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to make money then just going into a job. So I started to research on Youtube and stumbled across Tim Sykes. I had seen him on tasty trades before, but I did not really understand his method. So I just researched with any free time I had, of what it took to be a stock trader. I eventually signed up for his newsletter. I did not really feel at home in his chat, nor did I really understand, how they made so much money off these penny stocks. I found myself overall frustrated with the OTC market and hated the fills. Then, I bought Tim’s videos, which illuminated more of what he was talking about and what he was looking at. This helped me out a lot when it came to learning about short selling and what a supernova is and what to look at in PR’s when it comes to these penny stock companies. Thus, this led me to stumble across Superman, who I had heard, nothing but fantastic stuff about. Even Tim, seemed to marvel at his ability. Thus, I signed up for Superman’s Super Pro service. I went through every video lesson and came to understand a lot more. I also, signed up for his bootcamp and filled my head with nothing but knowledge. In the last couple of months, I have been breaking down Nate’s (Investors Live) videos. The rest is history as they say.

Russell: Your Profitly chart is even more impressive than a lot of ‘gurus’ – can you tell us what account size you started with, your position sizing and your secrets to making over $400,000 since March this year?

Triforcetrader:  I started with a 100,000, after my mom passed away this January. I would not say that my profit chart is more impressive then a lot of “gurus”. I mean I have lost over $30,000 dollars this year and have had many mistakes a long the way. I do not like to compare myself to others, because I’m not that great of a trader at all. I’m just trying to do the best I can, with what I have been given. As far as position sizing, I never risk anything more then what I’m willing to lose. I have no real formula for this. My psychological profile, as a trader, is I focus on how much I’m going to lose and never how much I’m going to make. This allows me, to only think about the risk of what I’m about to trade and never about the piles of money, I could or can make. That way, when a trade does work out, it feels like christmas. Its hard to describe.

My “secret to success” if there is such a thing, is work/study hard and never go into a trade without a plan. If you do not do your part to contribute to your success, how can you expect the market to?

RussellWhat would be your number one tip to beginners just starting out ?

Triforcetrader:  Learn as much as you can before you start to trade with real capital. Also, paper trade, so that you gain the experience, of what it is to apply the knowledge you learned in a real life setting. I did this for six months, before I started trading in January.

Russell: I see you regularly in SuperTrades chatroom – how do you implement his strategy do you follow his alerts or trade more independently implementing his strategy on stocks you find yourself?

Triforcetrader: This is a very loaded question. There is a lot I do to implement Superman’s Strategy. I look at stocks, charts, fundamentals, previous runners, old themes, news, options, futures, SEC filings and much more. Superman’s strategy is very comprehensive and would take 40 hours or more, just to explain to you what I do in practice every night. But it is important to have a ritual or time you set aside, every night to study and make a watch list. Have your own watch list with your own plan, and when Superman or any Guru for that matter, gives there own watch list, you can look at it, and compare it to your own.

As far as, alerts go, I rarely follow him into anything. This, is not the purpose of any chat or guru, in my opinion. There sole function is to teach you how to be like them. To catch your own fish and not catch them for you. I use to rely on Tim, Superman, and investors live, a lot. But I found out very quickly, that when I followed  them into something for no reason other then an alter, I lost money, more then I gained. Simple reason was, because I was not trading based on me, I was trading based on them. This is the wrong way to go. If I do follow, in any manner, it is because the set up is so good, that if I don’t follow, it would be like looking money in the face and passing it by. It has to literally twist my arm to press the button.

Russell: Is your strategy primarily momentum swing trades? Do you day trade, scalp or short?

Triforcetrader: My strategy is all the above. I can’t really say, I have one bread and butter move. It depends on what I see in the market at that specific point. I just let the market tell me, what it wants to do and base my trades accordingly. I never try to fight the current. For example, when the market was breaking down, I was shorting the index into the ground, while hedging against companies like BOFI. This was at the penny stock conference to. I released a watch list that day that you can see HERE.  This went over why I was looking at it and that it was breaking out of the cloud, plus the market was on my side. I have also called this stock in chat as a potential buy from $70 ish because I think it will run up into earnings. You can check on the chat log too. =). I’m long since then.

Long story short, it does not matter sometimes about fundamentals, if the chart does not line up to your own thoughts.

Russell: Are you subscribed to any other stock trading services that have helped you?

Triforcetrader: Outside of Super Pro, I’m currently subscribed to Timmy Long Term. However, I do not recommend it, if you are dedicated trader. I have tried to get my money back for this but no cigar. Soon though I will be looking into Nates chatroom because it seems to be another good place where traders thrive and learn.

Russell: What has been your worst trading loss ever and what did you learn from it?

Triforcetrader: Like Superman, I think one of my worst losses was TLOG. This trade taught me the true meaning of HOPE is not a strategy. I think I lost like 12G’s on a single trade.

Russell: I also lost about $5000 on TLOG…moving on…what has been your biggest trading win?

Triforcetrader: I would say, my trade on WB or the twitter of China. I bought at the open and sold towards the end of the day. 24K, I believe. Nothing mind blowing, but good enough for me.

Russell: A lot of younger, successful traders start living the good life when they get initial trading success – has your lifestyle changed since you started making good money trading or do you try and compound the gains?

Triforcetrader: Not one bit. I would not say I’m stingy with money in anyway, but I’m definitely not flashy at all. I live well with in my means, it is just how I was raised.

Russell: Do you offer trading coaching sessions? What is your website address for people who would like to find out more?

Triforcetrader: I do offer tutoring or lessons for other traders. These are usually one on one. It can be the basics from A-Z or just maybe one session with specific questions in mind. You can learn more about me by going to or email me at

Russell: Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions – it is really inspiring to see someone doing so well and who is clearly not just following alerts or gambling in an unsustainable ‘shoot for the stars’ type strategy!

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