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It is that exciting time of year again – Thanksgiving! In my post I am excited for thanksgiving week

I tried to give you an insight into the driving forces behind the famous crazy ‘turkey crack run’ that some stocks show around holidays, in particular Thanksgiving week. So next week could see many traders make a fortune, particularly on smallcap stocks with low floats where buyer domination will likely cause some HUGE moves. Stocks I am watching closely for big moves next week include $EYES, $HABT (hot IPO) and $BDR.

These last few weeks have been very interesting with many more awesome trading resources being announced by Timothy Sykes on profitly. The main purpose of this blog is for me to introduce you to the best information based products to help you take your stock trading journey to a whole new level! This includes keeping everyone informed on the products that I have benefited the most from (books, newsletters, dvds etc).

I know alot of my readers are signed up to stocktrading gurus on profitly and I just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware about the annual GOBBLE SALE on profitly where everything is reduced by atleast 50% ! I usually buy my subscription to SuperTrade Pro at this time of year for a massive discount, so no need to wait and pay double the price!


Other news: Tim Sykes is started pre-selling a new 20hr DVD called How To Make Millions

Currently this DVD is hugely discounted at a whopping 70% OFF and it looks really amazing with tons of information from allĀ  the other profitly gurus and successful students. He is coming under alot of fire though, mainly from critics (trolls) that do not believe his intentions are the purest….many are saying he will NOT really give any of the proceeds to charity (Tim states he WILL be giving all the proceeds to charity). He just issued this rebuttal post to silence these internet trolls. Syke’s blog is very entertaining and usually where I get most of my information about upcoming products, sales and the latest projects on profit.ly.


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