The Best Investment You can Make Right Now

Timothy Sykes and Super Trades both preach that you must trade independently and that you cannot rely on them for trade alerts. The best investment you can make right now is that you invest heavily in your education! SuperTrades (He is up over $1 Million in 2014) use to call his trade alerts simply ‘alerts’ but over the last year this has been changed to ‘Educational buy alert’ in order to discourage people from simply blindly following his buys and sells – he is desperate to ensure that you do the thinking for yourself. Don’t get me wrong it is possible to just blindly follow the trade alerts that he puts out and even make a lot of money but it is NOT the best way! If you are in any doubt just read my interview with TriforceTrader and see how this 24 yr old student has made half a MILLION bucks trading part time in just 8-9 months – incidentally this is his very first year of trading stocks! He bases his strategy on Super Trades strategy but does not copy him exactly – and his trading performance is EVEN BETTER than Paul Scholardi! It is possible to outperform even the best guru’s by learning from them, eliminating their weaknesses and focusing on learning how they trade.

Here is a new video by Timothy Sykes explaining what the very best investment that you can do right now is! He is currently running a crazy competition to giveaway his Porche.

Checkout Tims best Selling Book to see where this guru began and his journey to riches. This time of year is also the best time to purchase yearly subscriptions and DVD’s from They are running many massive sales of up to 75% off yearly subscriptions with coupon codes such as LOYAL, GRAVY, GOBBLE and many many more! Also make sure to look out for the Christmas and New Year sales on profitly!

Interestingly I also just found out recently that all the people that I have referred to SuperTrades chatroom this year, telling them about my success, have committed to buying yearly memberships – this is a fantastic testament to how great his teachings are!

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