PennyStock Trader who got invited to give speeches at Harvard University!

This year has been amazing and full of surprising twists and turns!

One of the most ironic memorable moments this year was probably when Timothy Sykes was invited to give a speech to Harvard University students 🙂 on how to be ‘successful’. He shared with the audience of young and ambitious students his awe-inspiring story of how he turned $12,000 into $4.1 million trading penny stocks online. He is a perfect example of how you can exceed even your wildest dreams if you work hard and never give up on your dreams. Even small steps towards your goals add up and compound.

The internet has allowed people like Timothy Sykes to go from rags to riches, making money online trading, blogging, teaching and many other ways. It really is an amazing world we live in now, one which only two generations ago our grandparents would have killed for! We can make more money stock trading online in a month than they could in a year, despite breaking their backs down the coal mines their whole life! (click HERE to learn how to become independently wealth).

Timothy Sykes passionate about total transparency in the penny stock world.  This is really apparent in his Harvard speech as he shares both his profits and losses with the crowd. I would say the most awkward moment is at the start when Tim decides that he is rich enough to throw his Porsche and Lamborghini car keys to the crowd. The crowd doesn’t seem to really know how to react to this….

Below is the video of him giving his Harvard speech…I think that it was quite the honor for him to be asked to give the speech at such a prestigious academic institution and a tad ironic considering that he advocates against going to college and following the traditional ‘success’ path. If you like what he has to say in this video or are as inspired by his speech as many in his audience were take a simple step towards replicating his success! Timothy runs a successful stock trading teaching service which can start you on your journey to success TODAY! Click here to change your financial life NOW!


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