Super trading and blogging year!

This last year has been simply amazing! The year started of a little bit flaky in the stock market when we suffered some nasty losses (such as THIS ONE) as the market ‘pulled back’ in January and February. However some amazing trades made up for these mistakes, with several single trades with profits in the mid four figures, such as THIS ONE which I verified on Profitly. Unfortunately, issues with our broker have put a temporary halt to verifying any of my trades on Profitly.

I am excited for 2015 and I thought that I should share what the top informational posts on my blog this past year have been to help you get ahead in the stock market. So here is the top 5 posts you should read to help your journey in stock trading:

1)  Interview with a new trader making $1 million in his first year trading!

2) My Review of Super_Trades on Profitly and his great subscription service

3) Tips on how I saved $10,000 last year by negotiating with my broker

4) 10 things new traders only learn from experience

5) And of course THIS article about me learning that HOPE is not a trading strategy…:)

So please post in the comments below anything that will help people for example your biggest trading losses…trading wins…what you learned from these and any other links to your own blogs that you think will benefit other people in the coming year.

If I had to give one tip and one tip only to the people starting out on their trading journey in 2015, it would be this – simply sign up for THIS guys trading service and never look back! I promise that if you are prepared to work hard and never give up you will achieve a level of financial and spiritual wealth that you never even knew existed.

Happy New Year!



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