Eric Van Nguyen accused of pump-and-dumping penny stocks

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I just read this fascinating story about how late last year (2014), three people were indicted on charges of defrauding thousands of investors in penny stocks through a $290 million “pump-and-dump” scheme. That is a lot of money for promoting penny stocks!


Three stock promoters: Anthony Thompson, Eric Van Nguyen, Jay Fung have all been accused of working with five other people from mid 2009 to about mid 2012 to drive up prices of penny stocks to get the unsuspecting people to buy shares. Apparently they used websites that they owned, including and, to send e-mails promoting the penny stocks to thousands of investors.

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‘They and the five others gained control of public shell companies with available shares and merged them with new, private entities, according to prosecutors. The corporate insiders then issued millions of shares to themselves, associates, friends and family to pump up prices, according to prosecutors.’ – Quote By Chris Dolmetsch from Bloomberg news.

How They Dumped Their Shares

Apparently, Eric Van Nguyen issued press releases touting many crap companies including HydroGenetics Inc Xynergy Holdings Inc, Blast Applications Inc, Blue Gem Enterprise Inc., Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co., Lyric Jeans Inc, Smart Holdings Inc. (SMHS) and Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. They allegedly sold their own shares as prices rose from their illegal promoting via their websites.

Can you imagine being one of the poor investors left holding the bag when one of these stocks came crashing down? Perhaps you or someone you know has already had this terrible experience?

What can you do to protect yourself from these types of penny stock scams?

The nice thing about Penny stocks pump-and-dumps is that even though there is a ton of manipulation – it makes how the stocks behave very predictable. This predictability can make trading them very profitable IF you know what you are doing.

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