Tom McCarthy: Profit from Stock Promotions on

Who is Tom McCarthy? This HIGHLY SECRETIVE stock trading expert runs a teaching and alerts service on called PrePromotion Stocks.

He was once a penny stock promoter hence he must keep his real identity secret for his own safety! He knows who all the big stock promoters are and he really knows how the stock promotion industry works. He has an amazing track record of success as can be seen on his verified chart HERE.

So what is stock PrePromotion?

Tom McCarthy is very good at finding promotions before everyone else catches on to whats happening. Micro-cap stocks move primarily on paid promotion and awareness campaigns and this service gets you in BEFORE the big hype starts.  How powerful is that!?

When Penny stock newsletters start pumping a particular stock by emailing, mail fliers etc. the price will usually increase dramatically,several hundred percent. The best time to get in to a promoted stock is super early – when insiders and their friends and family know that a promotion is upcoming and start to purchase shares in order to make easy profits. This is the PrePromotion stage and this is what Tom McCarthy is an expert at identifying. His research is very,very powerful because of his previous history in the shady world of stock promotion. Getting in super early to a promotion in this prepromotion stage really minimizes the risk of being ‘dumped’ on. Most of the risk trading these classic ‘pump and dump’ stocks is due to very rapid decrease in stock price when the insiders stop paying the promoters and the artificial demand induced by the pumping suddenly stops. When this occurs the stock price falls very rapidly indeed. However, with Toms strategy your risk is mitigated because of your extremely early entry and correspondingly low price base.

Who could be better to learn a strategy like this from than a former stock promoter?

The cool thing is that if you learn from Tom, and utilize Timothy Sykes famous shorting strategy you can make money in PrePromotion phase AND in the dumping phase! Money on the way up and money on the way down!

To learn more about this relatively under the radar guru check out his page HERE and learn how to beat the dishonest stock promoters at their own game!


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