Superman Trader twitter testimonials

This post marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog. One year ago I wrote THIS post about my successful year learning to trade stocks from SuperTrades on profitly. His service truly changed my financial life and I started this blog to spread the word about this amazing trader and my trading adventures (Hence the name of this blog :)).

This last year has been an amazing year for trading with many new students in the chatroom beginning to make HUGE money with Supermans trading strategy. One particularly amazing trader is THIS guy who has made over $600,000 by learning Supermans trading strategy over the last year alone!! A key to his success has been learning from Supermans boot camp and the SuperProtege courses that Profitly introduced last year. This strategy does require alot of dedication and work though and you should realize this before you sign up. However, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort the results can be nothing short of SUPER!

Here is some of the amazing informal testimonials that have appeared on twitter this past year, showing that many people other than myself and TriforceTrader have had amazing success with Superman trader strategy!

SuperTrades Testimonials from twitter


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