MILLIONAIRE TRADER Super Trades is making HUGE money in 2015!

Here is a MASSIVE Super Trades winning stock ($ZYNE) that made him a HUGE $600,000 profit in just 3 days on ONE TRADE!!! Check out the details of this trade and all his other huge winners.

Super Trades – Why You Need to Follow Him

Be sure to check out how I made $20,000 learning to trade stocks with Super Trades. My experiences with his stock trading chatroom were really great and I attribute my success to his excellent swing trading strategy.  I also highly recommend that you check out my recommended free resources page to try out some of the excellent tools, educational videos and brokers that have helped me to make money trading stocks over the years. If you don’t know who this guy is – his real name is Paul Scholardi. He is in his 40,s and has been trading for 20 years. His story is one of hardship and hard work, with him eventually achieving multi-millionaire status from his swing trading strategy. The guy is a complete legend on Twitter and Thelion forums. The size of his winning trades is what sets him apart from other traders – he makes well into the mid 6 figures on almost every big win!

Super Trades

What an amazing start Super Trades is having to 2015!!!

Super Trades made nearly $0.5 million dollars profit in 2 weeks!!! To see more details of his exact trades, check out his verified Profitly track record HERE

Put this in perspective for a moment – from just one trade Superman has made more than 3 years salary for your average American. The best part is that this strategy is very easily replicated as you will quickly learn if you SIGN UP TO LEARN

And this is not the first time Super Trades has done this! Every single year he has multiple trades where he makes 6 figures over the course of just a few days. And its not just Super Trades who makes these HUGE profits – check out my recent interview with his top student who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months trading Super Trades millionaire-making strategy.


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