Fous4x2 DVD Review

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Fous4x2 DVD Introduction

What was my motivation for buying this Fous4x2 DVD? I use to trade with Cameron Fous when he was a guru and he always seemed to be getting these great entries on stocks that already had up to 4-5 % gains. I was really confused on how he was getting into these penny stocks at such amazing entry prices!? He did this on a daily basis, making huge profits while I would break even or lose a small amount trying to follow him. I knew I had to learn his strategy to get in on this!  The Fous4x2 DVD explains how he was doing this and a whole lot more! Read this carefully because if you are a crackhead day trader this strategy could change your life!

Who is Cameron Fous?

Cameron Fous actually always wanted to be a stock broker. When Fous was growing up in Eugene, Oregon his friend’s dad was a stock broker and Fous would see him arriving home from work looking very wealthy indeed with his big fancy car.

Cameron Fous started trading penny stocks in 2005. Fous sold his cherished BMW to fund his trading account knowing that if he wanted to make it big in trading it would require some sacrifice.

Fous4 Patterns

Fast forward 10 years, after many many setbacks (including blowing up his account numerous times), Fous has become one of the most popular and successful stock trading teachers on the internet. His primary strategy pre-2008 was longer term swing trades. He even coined his most successful patterns ‘Fous4’ patterns. He started an internet chatroom with live alerts in real-time. You can see his astounding verified trading track record HERE

Fous4x2 DVD contents and can I use it to make me millions of dollars?


The first part of the Fous4x2 DVD is a fantastic review of the F patterns. This includes a review of his previous DVD, Fous4 which taught his swing trading strategy. This part of the DVD teaches the strategy, illustrated with daily charts like the one shown above. This section is an overview of breakouts on a longer time frame.

The next part of the Fous4x2 DVD teaches you the secret to his super profitable intraday trades. The most powerful section on this discusses the f-pattern breakout which occurs in the first couple of hours of the trading session. I have traded these particular patterns when I was first starting out and I can see the logic but I found that although they do have a reasonable chance of working, the failed breakout rate is quite high. This means you have to be glued to your computer watching carefully for the first sign of weakness and be disciplined enough to cut your loss very quickly if it fails. However, the pattern is simple and easy to spot and Fous does a great job explaining them with clear, concise diagrams and actual charts that he has traded. What I really liked about this section was the style of teaching. You can see from this section what has made Fous so successful. His teaching style is ‘if the stock does THIS then you do THIS’ which makes it sound so simple and shows how the successful trader thinks in terms of rules and discipline almost like a computer algorithm!


This strategy is particularly useful if you have a decent size account and limited time though, because you can literally just trade the first couple of hours in the morning then go to the beach (as Fous does!)

The next section of the 8 hr long Fous4x2 DVD actually shows you how to create Daily Watch Lists which are key to prepping for success. This section is pretty cool and it will really help you become a self-sufficient trader.


Overall, This DVD is one of the best day trading DVD’s I have watched and I highly recommend that if this is your style that you check it out. Fous covers his patterns in minute detail, introduces simple level 2 strategy and shows hundreds of real life examples of trades that worked and trades that din’t. I would say that the one thing that reduces the quality of this dvd is it is clear Fous has just tacked together many videos that he made for his Fous Elite service. This comes across as a bit of lazy way of doing things and takes away from the feel of the DVD. The cost is also a little high in my opinion but you can always wait for a sale to get it at a lower price.

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