Teenager who turned $9700 into more than $330,000 in less than1 year!

Before I start on the discussion regarding Connor Bruggemann, I just wanted to let you know about my recommended resources page , which has some of the best free tools and resources (e.g. a free Basics of Swing Trading DVD worth $997 and tons of free video lessons) that I have used to make money in the stock market for years. Check them out and hopefully they can help you as much as they have helped me over the years!

Connor Bruggemann

I recently read a post about this guy Connor Bruggemann who is still in high school but in one year stock trading, he has made over $300,000! Pretty cool and also highly unbelievable right? But he has verified all his trades HERE.

I recently joined Connor Bruggemann in his chatroom and wrote a review all about my experience learning his trading style – Read the review here.

This is a  truly amazing story! Connor Bruggemann is just a high school kid and he has made more money in class using just 2 apps on his smartphone than most doctors or lawyers make working full time! This is why I love penny stocks and trading in general.

He has produced an informational DVD called SchoolTrader which shows you how he trades and even focuses on how to optimize your trading while traveling or at school! He covers topics such as how to trade from your iphone and details exactly how he manages his risk and position size. He has a novel way to trade which GUARANTEES he will never give all his profits back to the market. Check out his DVD to learn more!

Connor Bruggemann

Despite only trading for a short time Connor has made triple the money than Pennystock trading guru Timothy Sykes made when he was in high school – they both started with roughly the same amount of capital! This is how good this kid is at trading! The thing that I like most is that this kid is not just lucky or gambling his whole account to make huge profits – he has already lost big amounts on trades and has a very conservative trading strategy.

If you want to learn more about Connor or sign up to learn from his successful strategy, especially if you are a part time trader you can sign up HERE.

Connors 5-hour DVD covers everything he has learned about trading, his strategy for trading on the go, good and bad trades & his refined rules. His High Schooler DVD looks like a very comprehensive guide to the stock market, and you will probably find it especially if you have a busy schedule and want to make money from school or work.


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