ShortStocking DVD by Timothy Sykes

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ShortStocking DVD Review

I have just finished watching a DVD that was made a few years ago by Timothy Sykes, one of the worlds top short selling traders of pennystocks. I have only tried shorting stocks a few times in my career and generally I have never had much success with this style. So it seemed to me it was about time I learn from one of the best in the business!

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ShortStocking DVD produced by Tim Sykes is great value for money – 6 hours of learning material with instructional manual included. If you are new to short selling pennystocks, this dvd will help you significantly understand the trading terms and awesome strategy that Tim has used to make great money trading fraud stocks.

Note on presentation: This is one of Tims first DVD’s and his style in the presentation is not well rehearsed – I like this though because he seems more genuine and real than if he was a slick professional in his presentation. He comes across as a bit of an eccentric genius who is extremely knowledgeable in his field. This guy clearly understands fundamentals of business and corresponding fundamental trading strategy but has chosen to go towards utilizing chart plays and identifying fraud rather than try to put together the very complicated stories based on valuation and underlying fundamentals of a business. My advice to a new trader is not to be put off by his presentation but to focus on the excellent content of this DVD.

Tims most famous DVD – TIMfundamentals Part Deux – is probably more useful overall than ShortStocking, however ShortStocking focuses more on technical analysis and what patterns should be considered and what to avoid.  This DVD is great for learning all the basics of trading penny stocks, specifically shorting tactics. Tim literally explains everything that you need to know about the highly manipulated but potentially very profitable world of penny stocks. If you watch this DVD carefully with the attitude to learn, I guarantee you will learn so much about trading penny stocks – it is truly amazing! Tim makes it all sound so obvious and fun, this DVD made me just want to start shorting stocks immediately! This all coming from a long bias swing trader!

The DVD covers valuable patterns like Tims ‘Supernovas’ where you can make money both on the upside, and when selling occurs, on the downside by shorting. It discusses in minute detail the psychology of key concepts like:

1) Morning panics

2) Afternoon Fades

3) Timing your short position and the importance of stop losses (where to place them)

4) Psychology and manipulation tactics of market makers

5) Stock market language in full – he even explains how to short a stock through your broker and the difference of selling a position and covering a short.

6) Discusses why he chooses to short and explains why it dramatically increases your odds of success in the stock market.

7) He shows you tons of charts to explain his strategy and to illustrate his key points.

Shortstocking DVDThe picture above is a screen shot from the DVD. Although not clear in the picture it is a really nice plot that shows the different emotions experienced by a trader at various points of a pump and dump scheme. I have never seen one that is so detailed and it is a very nice learning tool.

Too sum up: If you really want to learn to short sale or trade penny stocks then Tim Sykes is really the only place to consider. Seriously just go with Tim he even has a fantastic chatroom with access to thousands of teaching video resources and real time alerts. Tim Sykes actually trades in a profitable manner and does so consistently and transparently over many years.

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