Learn to Read SEC Filings DVD

This is probably my favorite Tim Sykes DVD and in my opinion the information contained in this 10hr DVD is PURE GOLD! Learn to read SEC filings DVD is simply an insider edge!!

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This DVD gets into a specialized area of trading, one that most day traders generally don’t think much about. I don’t know about you, but reading SEC filings was always a mystery to me all the weird terms like ’10-K’ etc seemed to repel me. However this DVD helped clear up a lot of the fogginess for me and it really helped me understand the pure power that understanding SEC filings can give you!

Tim Sykes top student (Michael Goode, multimillionaire trader) presents half the DVD and he comes across as extremely intelligent, precise and rigorous. His approach focuses on trading the company fundamentals which is extremely refreshing in an industry dominated by technical analysis of stock charts. He goes through how he reads and interprets SEC filings. Michael ‘reaper’ Goode explains all the basics, how to spot red flags and how to identify frauds based on the different forms that public companies must file with SEC. This section is packed with amazing insights and tricks that are very easy to implement – if you know how to do it! I cannot emphasize enough just how great a job Goode does in explaining how to research SEC filings to use for trading strategies in a step-by-step fashion that allows you to replicate his research and trading results.

It is truly amazing to me how if you are prepared to go through the SEC filings (the easy way to do this is explained step by step in the DVD) how blatant and obvious these fraud companies are! Often it is plain as day and you can immediately go short knowing that the whole company is a complete sham. Yes, trading can be that easy if you learn the techniques discussed in minute detail in this 10hr long DVD.

Tim’s Section is good but slightly more sloppily presented as I have come to expect in these DVDs, Tim Sykes does not care what you think about his presentation – he knows that his stock trading knowledge is what you should care about – I like this approach a lot!

So to sum up if you are looking to take your trading to a new level go and buy this DVD as soon as possible and soak all the information up! Then watch it again! Then watch it again and take more notes! This DVD really compliments all of Tims other DVD’s but it focuses more on the company fundamentals – this is very powerful combination when used with all the other information on chart analysis available in his other DVDs.

Thank you Tim Sykes and Michael for producing this fantastic DVD that has taken my trading to a whole new level. In my opinion this is a 10/10 BUY without hesitation! You can buy it HERE for a HUGE discount, along with many of the other DVDs that I have reviewed on this blog.



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