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Tandem Trader IU/Nathan Michaud DVD Review

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Tandem Trader DVD Review

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General summary about Tandem Trader DVD: Regular readers of this blog will know that I have watched and reviewed many of the worlds best stock trading DVD’s. Tandem Trader by Nathan Michaud and Cam from Investors Underground is my latest DVD review and I love this DVD!  Tandem Trader is very professionally presented and they have done a superb job of teaching you in exact detail an amazing and complete stock trading strategy! If you are looking to buy just one DVD to take your trading to the next level – Tandem Trader is for you! Below I give a rough outline of the DVD but it contains so much amazing information that I cannot possibly hope to mention it all in the review below.

Learn more about multimillionaire trader InvestorsLive (Nathan Michaud)

Part 1 is all about the psychology of trading

Psychology is an important aspect in stock trading and it is often neglected in traditional trading DVD’s. However, Tandem Trader begins with a section discussing this topic with valuable information that will help you setup a strong foundation to becoming a world class trader. Tips that are included:

1) Always focus on how far you have come and what you have accomplished – not what might happen.
2) Build your trading confidence and prove to yourself that you can grind and pull money out of a trade and that becoming a trader this is truly possible. This is important because society, friends and family always doubt a trader can make a consistent living.
3) Putting aside your ego: “when you are wrong, be wrong. Always follow your trading plan and many many more tips and tricks to develop that all important ‘millionaire trader’ mindset. Do not skip over this information it is essential to realizing your trading dreams.

Trading Concepts and tactics

The trading information in Tandem Trader includes information on shorting stocks and introduces valuable short setups emphasizing that the focus should be on overextended charts and particular key setups: Parabolics, Intraday Shorts and Fading charts.

They introduce several concepts that I already use in my trading such as trading charts which show solid support – this makes it very obvious when you need to cut a loss! Trade the plan and do not deviate is emphasized throughout Tandem Trader DVD. He discusses the often overlooked strategy of trading stocks that have made big moves in the past.

A fantastic discussion about short squeezes and float rotation is included in Tandem Trader – this is one of my favorite sections! The thought processes of both the longs and shorts involved in a squeeze is discussed

Long setups

Tandem Trader shows many long (buys) setups in great detail and all presented in clear well illustrated lessons – this is a reason alone to buy this DVD! Live trading showing Nate adding in and out of stocks is an extremely valuable addition to this DVD. Nate is the master at wash trading! In Tandem Trader he reveals in detail how you can replicate this amazing strategy too!

Money Management

Money management is emphasized throughout TandemTrader and for good reason! It is often this skill that differentiates the profitable from the unprofitable. A key point is pay yourself if a stock starts to follow your plan this can reduce your stress and allow you to hold a partial position for longer than if you had your whole position – again this is not the first time I have heard a multimillionaire guru preaching this (SuperTrades who I also follow on Profitly, also pounds this into you as one of his rules). Patience is also a theme that is covered in TandemTrader and this aspect of trading is very important to me.

“Patience is the key to success not speed. Time is a cunning speculators best friend if he uses it right” – Jesse Livermore

Why this DVD is the best on the market

Other topics that are somewhat unusual but very welcome in a trading DVD include a chapter on trading OTC stocks with level 2,  level 2 trading (emotional games traders play), specific tricks to get great fills, fake offers, short sale restriction and bid stuffing. Phew! This is a very very complete DVD! There is a whole chapter dedicated to how to scan for stocks! You even get a tour of exactly how Nate sets up his trading platforms etc so that you can replicate his results!

chap5Example of a clear illustration from Tandem Trader.

Nathan Michaud has also produced another excellent DVD called Textbook Trading.

Good luck in your trading journey and I hope this review inspires you to invest in your trading education!


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