*Triforce Trader Daily new Profitly Guru*

Matt Owens aka Triforce Trader has become the latest Profit.ly guru (Here is a link to his page)! I know this guy from Supermans chatroom and I even did an interview with him for this blog a few months ago (See that interview HERE).

Triforce trades multiple sectors and financial instruments, most amazingly he achieved almost a 600% return in 2014! Now he shares all his patterns, rules, and lessons for subscribers on profitly in his new chatroom HERE. What I find most exciting about this new trading resource is the value that subscribers receive – This guy was trained by SuperTrades but the cost of his subscription service is on $99 which is in my opinion a total bargain! So basically you are getting all of SuperTrades knowledge plus an emphasis on future and option trading for a fraction of the price!

For $99 per month you get:

Daily Market Commentary
Daily Video Watchlist
Stock & Options Trades
Futures Trades
Macro Plays
Video Lesson Library
Timothy Sykes has commented on TriforceTraders watchlist saying ‘so detailed that it makes him look bad!’
Anyway this hot new trader is already building a large following on twitter and many paid subscribers to his watchlist! He has a website at www.triforcetrader.com where you can learn more about him.
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