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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see hundreds of stock traders watchlists for the next day and the near future? To be able to see what stocks they think will move up or down and what their reasoning is? I know that as a new trader a few years ago that would have been an amazing tool to have in my arsenal!


Well, Profit.ly has just released a brand new feature that allows you FREE access to watchlists (like THIS ONE) and blog posts (like THIS ONE). The fact that you can read these items and talk to the authors is extremely important for the new and experienced stock trader alike. The posts can help you realize what other traders are doing or what market sentiment is! The blog posts can help you streamline your stock scanning process to find the gems in the rough that will be the next ‘Once in A Generation Trade’ !

This free community is all available at profit.ly under the contribute section on the site (HERE IT IS). Some of the blog posts are so detailed and outline traders strategy for particular trades in such high detail that it is a large portion of your due diligence on a stock! A good example of this is a recent blog post HERE where a trader outlines his strategy on $ENOC.

Additionally, you can gauge how experienced/trustworthy the blogger is because their verified Profit.ly trade record is shown right alongside their blog post – if they have a lot of verified profit it is probably wise to consider their post with more authority! What a powerful tool! It is very easy to follow the traders that you find produce valuable content and you will be notified via email when they post their next powerful blog post or watchlist. Other members of the Profit.ly community can also give ‘Karma’ to users that provide good content which is the Profit.ly equivalent of a Facebook ‘like’. This simple peer-review process provides quick and easy feedback to bloggers from their audience.

Tim Sykes has written about this new feature which includes the ability to upload videos as well as blogs/watchlists. You can find his post about it HERE and you can tell he is excited at this very nice innovation.

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