Foundation of success usually IS adversity

Most people realize that overcoming challenging adversity is never going to be easy. However, the most important concept is that the foundation of all success usually¬†is¬†adversity. In fact, almost all of the most successful people in stock trading, business, sport and any other worthwhile endeavor reached their goals and achieved what they have because they understood that the key idea is that a setback is an invaluable, hands-on learning experience. Infact, reaching the lofty heights of success requires that you ‘fail’ as quickly as possible. As many times as possible. Fail faster is a great attitude to have!

Currently I am going through a fantastic period in my life, where I am realizing my childhood dreams of impacting the world with my new technology startup company. I have raised over $0.5 Million dollars for this venture (non-dilutive) in 6 months and the future looks extremely exciting. However, I am learning that as the positive encouraging aspects begin to gain momentum, negative setbacks are also starting to spring up at almost the same rate.

It is easy to get demoralized at this point, even angry at these setbacks – most of them are other people causing issues that are really not issues. However, I am trying to use this situation to make me a better entrepreneur.

The key to doing this seems to be changing my attitude – to be able to see the setbacks as a necessary training routine in my journey. There has been many activities in my life where this faith that everything will be OK has been crucial. For Example, Stock Trading requires the ability to have faith that one loss (even a large one) will not be the end of your trading career. So many times during my trading, I took a large loss but then just the next day or week a large win would more than cancel it out! Had I given up at the time of the large loss, I would have been left with less money, bitter and twisted about the world of trading! ALL MY BIGGEST STOCK TRADING WINS HAPPENED ON THE HEELS OF A DRAMATIC LOSS (FAILURE).

Rock climbing: I lost count of how many times I lost faith on a rock climb – thinking that since I could not currently find the next good hold, that it did not exist! However, I never really ever needed to worry because a hold ALWAYS appeared and I completed the climb without incident.

So attitude is a critical part of success, particularly in the face of adversity, and key to understanding that small setbacks are a necessary part of the journey. I hereby vow to use these issues that are happening in my journey and channel my resulting anger into changing myself into the future me who can use these setbacks to progress at an even faster rate!


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