The Start of a Bear Market? Pennystocks could be just fine!

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So I have been traveling for the last few weeks but as always I have kept my eye on the stock market. I haven’t been trading over the last few weeks and therefore I was unaffected by the Monday crash. In this post I would like to give my opinion on the way the stock market is going and why I think that it will likely have very little effect on a few select profitable traders. These particular traders have become ‘market proof’.

First, here is my very simple textbook analysis of the general market conditions. For experienced traders this will probably not be very illuminating, but for new traders I hope this helps them. The daily chart below shows the Dow Jones Index over the last 1 year period. My interpretation of this chart is that for the entirety of this year we have seen sideways action that is very characteristic of a growth chart topping out. That means that generally we could be at the point where instead of slowly growing and the majority of stocks increasing in value, we are entering a period where the general market trend (and therefore most stocks) DECREASE in value over time. Also known as a bear market.


A strong confirmation of this turning of market momentum occurred in mid August this year when the 50 day moving average (blue) crossed over of the 200 day moving average (red). This is the formation of the ‘Death Cross’ that is a well established technical indicator of a downwards trend in the market in general. Generally when a death cross occurs, the stock or index will begin a downward trend never breaking significantly above the 50 day moving average. Yes, there will be ups and downs but the overall trend will be downwards. I am primarily a momentum trader and the DJI shows downwards momentum in that the index is making new 1 year lows – never a good sign! The significant drop on the chart is the worst drop in years! Now nobody knows for sure what the market will do and that if you are to take away one thing from this article is that even if this is a bear market THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT MAKE A TON OF PROFITS IN THIS MARKET!

Let me illustrate! As long as there are companies out there and people that want to make money, there’s always going to be profitable trades if you know where to look! However not everyone is going to be safe and many people who started trading in this 6 yr old bull market will give back all their profits plus some!


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Good luck out there!



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