Jason Bond Stock Picks Coupon Code and Free Trial

Jason Bond Picks Coupon Code

Jason Bond Picks is an active trading community specializing in day trading and swing trading stocks long and short. The coolest thing about the service for someone who is new and wary of paying money to learn how to trade stocks is that he offers:


This is a fantastic offer as it allows the new trader to test run the service without paying a single cent – but trust me Jason Bond is the REAL deal and not some con artist! Everyone always seems so wary about paying for stock trading information but this is really the wrong attitude – you HAVE to invest in your education if you are to succeed at anything. Additionally the subscriptions to his service are very regularly discounted heavily (30%-60% off!) and at the time of writing this there is a coupon code for Jason Bond Picks: save33percent

I have been able to gain access to the Jason Bond Picks Chatroom for free on a trial and I have to say I am VERY impressed with the service! Below is a summary, review and my thoughts in general of my experience with the service. Hopefully this is helpful for people who have not heard of this ‘guru’ and who knows it may lead to a positive life changing experience with stock trading.

Day Trade Alerts

Jason Bonds chatroom gives many day trade alerts, which is perfect if you are a greedy, trigger-happy, crackhead day trader who NEEDS profitable intraday ideas. The goal here is to make $500 a day and thus avoid ever having to get a day job ever again! This is a chat based only service and subscribers generally need a portfolio over $25,000 to participate. Jason Bond and the chatroom mods target small cap stocks for this which allows for high volatility and the aim is to take advantage of this during the day. All alert entries and exits in real-time and indexed in the chat announcements tab making it easy to follow along. Please note that this particular part of the service is NOT very suitable for beginners and I myself lost some money trying to day trade stocks and I highly recommend you develop the patience and discipline and learn to trade over night and longer time frame positions.

Lifestyle trading is in chat between 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. EST and run by the talented Luke Murray. Using about $10,000 per trade, the goal here is to make $500 profit in the first 90 minutes and close up shop once you hit your goal. I have never seen this kind of strategy in any of the other chatrooms that I have been a member of or reviewed! This does work well for some professional day traders though (most notably FOUS ALERTS uses this same principle)

Swing Trade Alerts

This Jasons flagship service and core strategy in which you’ll receive 3 – 5 swing trade alerts per week by email and text in real-time. He also spends a considerable amount of time teaching this strategy. Almost all of the alerts come from his daily watch list. The goal is to provide working professionals with an active swing trading strategy designed to produce profits year in and year out simply trading 3 – 5 times per week with 1 – 4 day hold times.Stocks with a price between $.01 and $10 with a Beta of 1 or higher are Jasons choice. HIs profit goal is 5 – 10% rinse and repeat. He lets his winners run up for 20 – 30% but in general Jason aims for around 5 – 10% (This is between $1,500 – $5,000 on the winners for me). Video lessons teaching the strategy are pretty good and i recommend studying them intensely!


I like Jason Bond and his chatroom team – alerts are reliable and there is a decent library of video lessons! I made a couple of daytrades suggested by the team and made a little money. I do prefer the swing alerts and value for money is TRULY unbeatable! Have a go with a FREE TRIAL like I did to check the service out for your self!

For some excellent and unbiased stock trading alert service reviews please check out http://stockmillionaires.com/


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