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Last year I interviewed an amazing young trader who is still in high school you can see that interview HERE

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It was a fantastic interview and I was intrigued from the start! However real life has put a dampener on my trading for the last few months (and i’m STILL SWAMPED) but I am slowly moving back to trading from my cell phone using the RobinHood app with free trades!

Connor Bruggeman was that young high school trader that I interviewed and this weekend I noticed he now has a Chatroom and Alerts Service!

Well I had to sign up for his service and see if I could learn a thing or two from this young trading guru! So I have signed up and already started going through his extensive video lessons and analyzing his strategy and trades that are documented on So far I am quite impressed and he seems to be the MASTER at bottom bounce plays. I have never traded this type of move and have always been more of a momentum trader. However, Connor is not some day trading scalper but rather seems to have a very good knack for spotting bottoms, setting a tight stop loss and then if the stock bounces, he holds it for a decent percentage swing move.

Anyway my first impression is that ConnorAlerts is no fraud – he is the real deal and I am excited to see what his strategy can add to my already fairly solid trading core competencies. Keep an eye out on this blog for my full ConnorAlerts review once I have had a chance to fully emerge in his pennystock bounce trading strategies!

See how I learned to trade momentum swing trades from one of the worlds top Super Traders!


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