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Jason Bond Shares a VERY helpful Article

I came across this in depth article 7 Costly Mistakes That New Traders Make that I thought I would share it here because it contains many helpful insights for the new stock trader. If you want to trade penny stocks, this article is a must!

In the article, Jason Bond discusses all the usual mistakes that new traders make, and shows you how to avoid them! This is critical when learning to trade penny stocks because they can be so volatile it is relatively easy when making mistakes to have quite harsh consequences for a slow growth learning curve!

I have been stock trading for more than 3 years (I mainly trade penny stocks) and this article really made me laugh because I am sure that I have made all of the mistakes that are detailed in the article many times over!

I have known about Jason Bonds trading record for a long time and I have tried out his chatroom – it is very good as a learning tool for beginners. There is some controversy regarding Jasons trading ability (he was once a guru on and left after some people said he ‘blew up’ his trading account). However, I have always found Jason Bond to be an honest and very down to earth trader. He does not make as much money trading as some (e.g THIS GUY) but he makes 6 figures a year and his trading is a relaxed swing trading style that is ideal for people with full time jobs. I think that it is more likely that Jason left Profitly because he could make more money running his own trading room.

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