How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?

For me it was $45,000 per year. Fresh out of 8 years in the ‘education’ system I was more than happy to give up my dreams for the promise of a job that would barely pay the bills never mind let me save up or follow my dreams. My excitement hit levels best reserved for olympic athletes who are in the process winning the gold medal! I was so excited that someone would pay me to do experimental physics and pay me! Within one year I was an alcoholic, on major anti-depressants, gained 50lbs of fat and suffering from a deadly sleeping disorder because of all the above factors. To say my dreams of a successful life were completely dashed would be a gross understatement. I was close to suicide and I lived everyday like it was my last (and given my health issues that was probably a good strategy).

The above video sums up what happened to me in the following 3 years that shifted my thinking radically. I realized that I was not happy being stagnant, not happy with the status quo and seriously unhappy with working 15 hr days 7 days a week for some slave driving boss who only cared about his/her success and used me as an ‘asset’. What impact as an employee was I really having on the world? Did my work actually matter? Was it helping anyone or give my life a purpose ? Would I lie on my death bed and be like ‘ahh yes my life was worthy – I worked like a dog and got 3 more Nature papers published in the prestigious journal that nobody read?’

Secret Academy

Over the last 3 years by reading books like Think and Grow Rich and Third Circle Theory I changed my life around and found many of the answers to the questions discussed above. I learned to stock trade with some of the best traders in the pennystock world. I learned to make passive income from real estate and affiliate marketing. I learned to listen to entrepreneurial people like Paul Scholardi and Timothy Sykes, taking their advice on stock trading tactics but also on just how life can be if you really focus on what you want and getting it no matter how impossible it seems. Let me tell you it only takes you achieving one thing in your life that you previously thought was ‘impossible’ to really boost your confidence and optimism levels. The higher these levels are the more I find one tries to do things that change your life for the better.

Most people including me, seem to fail not through lack of trying or talent or anything else but rather because we fail to ever get started at something. Most people are told as kids that ‘you can achieve anything you put your mind to’ but somehow this is lost as we grow into adults. One cool theory that I have been studying recently is called Third Circle Theory and it discusses the concept of 3 circles or worlds – one in which most people reside and never leave, one in which people become aware of their situation and one in which true innovation and life fulfillment is found. The theory discusses the transitions between circles and how this becomes possible with knowledge. The theory and other resources is well worth checking out and can be found at The Secret Entourage (65% discount on premium resources) I highly recommend the forums and resources there for all aspiring entrepreneurs. I am passionate about sharing resources like these with people to help them escape the tread mill that is being an employee with a 9-5 job. Since taking these and other resources and consuming them obsessively I have improved my life beyond recognition and I am happy to say I am now high on life not anti-depressants!

Fear of starting is what keeps people from being truly great

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