Secret Entourage Timothy Sykes interview

As many regular readers know, I attribute much of my rise out of depression and poverty to the founder of Profitly, Timothy Sykes. Tim Sykes and SuperTrades changed my mindset and opened my eyes to the possibility of a different, better life. Also making a ton of money learning to trade stocks under their mentorship helped alot too!

Recently I stumbled over Entourage Academy and noticed that Tim Sykes has written an endorsement for the site (they have a ton of free material and also some awesome video content). I learned over this last year that if someone who is as successful as Tim Sykes recommends a website or book, it is more than worth my time to follow the advice. So I signed up for Entourage Academy which is actually brilliant! We live in a time where people have interviewed hundreds of the most successful traders, entrepreneurs and business minds and put all these videos into a library for you or I to read! It is a true crime in my opinion if one does not utilize fantastic resources like this – man has aspired to having this kind of knowledge with the ease of access that is currently available online! We truly live in amazing times and there really is no excuse for not immediately signing up at Entourage Academy and learning first hand from some of modern times most amazing entrepreneurial minds.

Anyway, It turns out that Tim Sykes also gave an interview to the Secret Academy and a clip of this is shown below. He is a quirky guy  but one of the worlds most profitable stock traders Рhe also runs a blog that makes him millions of dollars every year. Anyway enjoy the video below and please sign up and upgrade your virtual peer group instantly at Entourage Academy

If you are not reading this amazing book, and what it has to offer, you are missing out and that’s sad.” – Timothy Sykes, World Famous Penny Stock Trader and Celebrity Investor

P.S If you do not want to make the investment for Entourage Academy, please read the awesome book that I just read and loved, it was written by the co-founder called  Third Circle Theory it is much like the classic book that helped change my mindset

Click the link below if you haven’t read….

Think and Grow Rich


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