“It is impossible to exactly copy Jason Bond’s Alerts”

Jason BondThis is such a common complaint voiced by new traders that sign up for stock alerts – I made exactly the same mistake when I first started with SuperTrades a few years ago.

This is very natural and actually a very intelligent principle – find someone who is successful and then copy them! Right? This works in many aspects of life and business but you need to realize that blindly following alerts is not a smart stock trading strategy. It might work like it did for me, for a short time, but ultimately you must learn how to find and trade your own stocks. Learn these mentors rules and copy the rules – not the exact buy and sell alerts!

The small cap stocks that Jason Bond, Timothy Sykes, Paul Scholardi and many other penny stock traders find and trade are inherently volatile. The fact that many of their newsletters subscribers buy in on an alert means that the people who are the slowest will always get a higher price than the few that are in earlier. This is especially true on day trade alerts – I often buy stocks that have been alerted in chatrooms such as Jason bonds or Super Alerts but I wait until i research the stock for myself and it is nearly always a swing trade idea. This method is amazing as i often get a lower price than the person who alerted the trade!

Checkout this blog post where I wrote about my biggest trading loss ever on a single trade when I was naive enough to try and copy Supermans stock alerts as closely as possible…these traders are amazing but you must trade your own strategy!!!

The trick when looking for a stock alert service is to find one that is education focused! MY top two recommendations are Jason Bond Picks service and Super Alerts service in profit.ly. These services main visions are rooted in the vision of supreme education, and the basis that eventually you will be able to capitalize on great opportunities in the market on your own using the concepts Jason or Superman teach. If you are a  subscriber to these programs and you are relying solely on alerts – it is only a matter of time before you lose half your money!

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Jason Bond Picks is well orientated for beginner traders mainly because there is  a massive amount of educational content to be viewed and really implemented in your own trading strategy . The most useful aspects of the service are expert video lessons, detailed daily watch lists, chat room access, and real-time alerts. Many subscribers take the shortcut of mirroring alerts, but you will learn more and become truly financially free if you learn the strategy!

For more deep reviews of Jason Bond Picks, Microcap Millionaires, Timothy Sykes and many more penny stock trading alerts service, check out StockMillionaires the guy that wrote these reviews does a great job!


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