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I recently signed up for Jason Bond Picks Free email watch list and I have found it to be a very helpful look at the thought processes of a world class millionaire stock trader.

To help people understand how useful and indepth these emails are, I have included one below, it is the latest email watch list that Jason Bond Picks sent out this morning. It details JBP trading ideas and some testimonials from very happy Jason Bond Picks subscribers.


Jason Bond Picks Friday morning watch list:

” Good morning,

Friday’s social media shout outs on Twitter go to Linda A. and Daniel B.

The only stock I put on the watch list Wednesday read …

“In addition to Kyle’s trade ideas, I like GEVO here for a catalyst based swing above $.50. On May 31 the company announced it’d hired Cowen & Company to explore strategic alternatives to maximize the value of Gevo for stockholders. Nasdaq just granted the company another extension too which leads me to believe some good news could be looming. There hasn’t been an update since the May 31 PR so I’m betting traders will start to gobble up shares ahead of the August 9 earnings call, where an update is likely. Given it’s held $.50 very well, that’d be the stop loss and the goal is 20%+ on the swing as a runup play.” ~ Jason Bond

Just look at these MONSTER wins!

“Jason, for once I saw $GEVO before u called it & made $17,000+ on it this wk. Thx for the training. U & ur team are the best.” ~ Linda A.


“That’s It! Out $GEVO for $6,400 profit, by far my biggest win since I started in Feb. THANK U!” ~ Daniel B.

Testimonials like that are why I love teaching! Let’s find another today.

Markets are threatening to breakout above recent highs Friday after a strong jobs report. This should lift small caps if the IWM gets above $121 today in which case I’ll be very active. There’s strong resistance just ahead for the markets so I’ll just monitor the intraday trend for direction.

Looking at momentum stocks Friday as these recent supernovas are likely packed with shorts and setup nicely for the Friday squeeze.

SHIP – Fell below retracement supports but fits the pattern on a Friday for a move back to the low $5’s, maybe more. But since it feel below retracement support be careful if it feels heavy. In play above $4.50 which means that’s the stop loss, I generally try to position as close to the stop loss as I can just before I think it’s getting ready to move back up, which in this case is today.

OPTT – Started getting frisky on Wednesday, kept at it Thursday and could be explosive if it gets above $10 Friday, with a goal of taking profit on the way to $12. The company recently did an offering so that worry is off the table but also seems to be what’s held it below $10 for a few weeks, so monitor the trend and volume for strength.

LEDS – Rounding out in a continuation pattern I like this for a test of $7, possibly $8 and if those levels fall there’s range to $10. Volume picked up a little on Thursday so if that’s growing Friday, the trade looks good above $6, which would be the stop loss.

SPU – In play above $10, rally to $16 is what I’m thinking. Volume is light though and it really didn’t show signs of squeezing Thursday, so until it does it’s just on watch. Right now I’m not interested below $10 so that’s the stop loss, however, I always try to stop even when possible and just rebuy lower.

KONE – Pretty much the same pattern as SPU and same problem, it’s not showing signs of squeezing yet. But given the weekend ahead let’s watch above $7.50 for a move to $10. Some of these supernovas just don’t catch fire again but given it’s holding a good portion of the recent big move, it certainly could.

That’s all for now.

I’m +287% +$287,000 in 2016.

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About Jason Bond Picks

I’m a part time trader teaching trading full time. I started 2016 with a rebalanced $100k portfolio in E*TRADE. Turned the $100k into $380k just 6 months into 2016. I then rebalanced at $100k again, paying myself +280% +$280k in profit, to start Q3 or July 1, 2016.

So far in Q3 2016 the portfolio is +7% +$7,000.

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