PennyPro HUGE winning stock pick!

New to the stock market and want to join a service that is built around “Education” and teaching traders right from day one how to trade and understand the markets? Then PennyPro is ideal for you. Jason Bond, Jeff Williams and Jeff Bishop run three services that are all fantastic and work together to provide you with the nest trading education that you can hope for!! The services all offer FREE trade updates etc and occasionally FREE TRIALS that let you sample before you commit 100%
I signed up for one of the three services (PennyPro you can sign up and see some free alerts HERE) to see if it is actually any good – and the first trade that I observed them alert was a HUGE winner. I am very impressed! 200% gain in just a few days!!
PennyPro alerted AUPH in the chat room at $2.62 and it just blew up over $3 after hours on strong news and then continued for several more days!!! Check out the chart below!!
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Jeff Bishops PennyPro alerts service has also had many other really nice winning trades recently:
CANN is up 88%

CBDS is up 123%

CBIS is up 90%

GRNH is up 29%

GRWC is up 15% is the best website I know of that is focused on helping people with smaller accounts learn the fundamentals of trading and how to navigate the market. I have seen Jeff Williams help 1000’s of people over the years take their trading to the next step with his support.


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