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Is Penny Stock Egghead a Scam?

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Penny Stock Egghead

Is Penny Stock Egghead a scam? I have recently started trading the stock picks that are alerted in the reports from Penny Stock Egghead (picks come out once a week) and I can tell you 100% that Penny Stock Egghead scam, it is NOT! I believe that there IS money to be made with Penny Stock Egghead.


So here is my brief review of the service. Penny Stock Egghead is essentially a due diligence (DD) stock picking service provided by a trader called Nathan Gold. I really like the stocks that I have seen suggested so far, but I will be giving you a brutally honest review of the DD service. This will include answering the question I keep getting asked: “Is Penny Stock Egghead a Scam?”

penny stock egghead

So please read the review below to learn everything you need to know before you signup for the stock trading DD service. I promise you that for the cost, you will not find a more profitable, useful stock trading service.

Is Penny Stock Egghead a SCAM? NO!

Nathan Gold provides a weekly penny stock alert service that does all the DD for you on some of the hottest penny stocks that are likely to make huge moves upwards in price soon. The subscriber is emailed a detailed analysis of the penny stock picks with full reasoning that can be verified independently by the subscriber.

Why do you need it?

The US stock markets have literally thousands of stocks to choose from. It is pretty much a full-time occupation to find stocks that even have the potential to break out. I know from experience that it is very time consuming to research and find potential trades.


This is where Penny Stock Egghead comes in! Penny Stock Egghead guru, Nathan Gold, does all of the hard work for you, thus giving you a massive advantage in trading potential stock breakouts BEFORE they occur.

Signing up gets you a single penny stock pick each week which comes along with a highly detailed full company analysis report. How valuable is that!? I know it saves me a lot of time!

So what do I dislike about Penny Stock Egghead?

Penny Stock Egghead can be intimidating to new traders because most of the picks are in companies you will NEVER have heard of. There is also no exit alert – you get great info on buying before the breakout but deciding when to sell is your responsibility. A word of advice – the companies that Penny Stock Egghead alerts are not long term holds so sell the position when you are up 10% – 100% profit!

Great things about Penny Stock Egghead!

  • You can trade the stock picks because they are so low cost per share!
  • Nathan Gold performs an analysis on each stock pick that is far more detailed than any other stock picking services that I have seen or reviewed. The information that is provided in each report is top quality and saves you from having to go through financial reports and SEC filings.
  • THE INSANELY LOW COST ONE-TIME FEE MAKES THIS SERVICE A NO BRAINER PURCHASE! Almost all the stock trading services that I have tried require recurring monthly payments. Penny Stock Egghead picks you only pay once (with a money back guarantee) and you are subscribed for life.



So is it a scam? The answer is a resounding NO! Penny Stock Egghead one is a great way make quick profits with penny stocks. Penny Stock Egghead  provides top quality in-depth research of the chosen companies.  The alerts offer quick 10-100% profits on cheap stocks that anyone can trade if they dedicate a little bit of time. Penny Stock Egghead allows you to significantly shorten the due diligence procedure and dramatically shorten the learning curve.

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