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Top Stocks To Buy 8/4/17 $AEZS $LL $BIDU

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Top Stocks to Buy 7/27/17 $AEZS $LL $BIDU

$AEZS is showing a possible Fibonacci retracement pattern. Todays bullish engulfing candle signals a possible short term reversal in the downtrend. I got a pretty poor entry  at $1.8 so I will be keeping a relatively tight stop on this of $1.7. I am looking for a minimum of 3x this on the upside, so I will likely trim profits on a strong move above $2 – $2.1. This would be a shorter term swing trade. Watching closely for improving volume tomorrow. This pattern has an extremely good track record (around 80%) so chances are good but this is trading so make sure if you enter this you know what you are doing! I generally look for volume over about 500k for best reliability – this traded 1.7M today.

$LL  is a similar pattern to $AEZS but it has yet to form the pull back. Once it does pull back, I will be watching for that first green candle on the daily chart and increasing volume for a potential entry for a swing trade! 3M in volume traded today which is great.

$BIDU – similar retracement pattern forming on $BIDU but I will not be likely to take a position due to the high cost per share of this stock. Still I love the pattern with the strong green candle today and strong volume. Could go higher!

Good luck trading and let me know if you trade any of these and make any money!

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