DVD Reviews

  1. The Basics of Swing Trading by Jason Bond. This is my top rated stock trading DVD. This is partly due to the amazing information that it provides, but also because for a limited time it is completely FREE! Read my review here. Alternatively just go and sign up to have it delivered to your email – click here.



2. Learn to Read SEC filings DVD by Timothy Sykes. This is my favorite Tim Sykes DVD. I consider it a must watch for traders who want to get an insight into catalysts or even warning signs that can really drive a stocks price.  Read my review here.



3. Tim Fundamentals Part Deux by Timothy Sykes. A classic if you want to trade penny stocks both long and short. Tim is an interesting character and a very shrewd penny stock investor. Read my review here.



4. Tandem Trader DVD by Nathan Michaud and Investors Underground. This is an amazing DVD that goes through everything you will need to know as a day trader. Read my review here.

5. Fous4x2 DVD by Cameron Fous, This is a somewhat expensive but high quality educational DVD that was produced by Cameron a few years ago. It shows the intra-day patterns that he has traded successfully for years. Read my review here.

6. ShortStocking DVD by Timothy Sykes. I learned a lot from this DVD so I recommend you check out my review here.